Who I am and why I’m here.

I decided to write a blog for numerous reasons, I found I like to help people, review and give tips ‘n’ tricks. As well as give my two cents on a lot of topics. I have found people like to read what I have to say… So why not?

Here you can find me ranting about my everyday life and  well ….how I cope with other human species. Topics I’ll be covering … pretty much everything. Travel, health, beauty, food, movies, photography, events, cars, books, recipes, life hacks etc… There are no boundaries really.

I myself am a pretty outspoken and outgoing person.  I live in the city of  Toronto. I am  27 years old. I work in social media marketing as well as I work in a office doing admin/data entry.

My goal is to share my stories and experiences with others, but while doing  so, making connections. Meeting other entrepreneurs like myself that want to advance and be successful while making a mark in this new and ever growing industry of innovative journalism.


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