A Taste Of The 90s’

The long awaited relaunch of Clearly Canadian is in full effect. Unless you were born in the 90s’ you probably have no clue why so many of us are so happy that these are available on shelves again. It’s like a taste of my childhood. I remember sitting in old Scarborough diner booths with my mom, eating french fries ‘n’ gravy with an ice cold Clearly Canadian. Always Orchid Peach or Wild Cherry. Although now that I have grown-up I’m really liking the Mountain Blackberry. Now if you have been to the Toronto Exhibition the last 2-3 years they had their own booth. Which is where  I would go each year and  carry back whatever I could manage in a backpack and venture home. That was until we were told we could pre-order cases direct from the factory. So of course I did that, had to be the longest wait. It was basically a “crowdfunding” movement to help production. Which ended up working as over 25,000 pre-orders were made, BUT unfortunately the Canadian factory shut down due to delayed production. Fast forward two years later and people who made orders actually started receiving them, I being one of them. I received mine last week. Patience did pay off for this proud Canadian owned  and operated brand as they are now back on the shelves for consumers to enjoy at select stores across Ontario. Clearly Canadian announced that they were now available in 7 Eleven  yesterday via Facebook, costing $2.59 each.  So head in to your nearest 7 Eleven and grab yourself a taste of the 90s’. Available flavours :Wild Cherry, Orchid Peach, Country Raspberry and Mountain Blackberry.  Let’s hope they’re here to stay this time around!

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Written by Stefany S

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