Best Self Tanners For Summer 17′

Summer is upon us, and some of us are walking around looking like Casper the friendly ghost. Fear not! I have had my fair share of tanning experiences; from tanning beds, spray tans to lotions. I have sought out the best ones. Given my ethnic background, you would think being half Sicilian and half Canadian I’d have beautiful olive skin tone. Unfortunately glowing bronze skin was not a blessing to me. However I did find short cuts to get there. Today I will share my best products that I swear by as well as tips and tricks to keep your skin even and glowing all summer.


First before we get into products and application lets talk prep. This is important as your skin needs to be polished and hydrated to ensure an even lasting colour. A day or two before application exfoliate and do all hair removal. This will give a chance for your pores to close so tanner doesn’t seep in. So make sure you purchase an exfoliator. My favourites to use are, Lush buffy bar, Bath & Body scrubs. You can also make your own with sugar/salt or ground coffee mixed with coconut oil and essential oils for fragrance. Make sure you get dry skin areas on your body and slough away the dead skin thoroughly. After exfoliation make sure you moisture really well. Getting areas such as elbows, knees ankles, feet and hands well.



 I have tried tanning beds and did not like the effects it had on my skin in the long run. I was doing spray tans for a while, but it started getting pricey having to go every few weeks. Its not cost effective and certainly doesn’t last long enough to justify paying almost $40 each visit. So I decided to start investing some money into self-tanners as they’re just as effective and can last much longer with proper technique. Tanner that I have tried and true are listed below. I have started with the best of the best.


 Eco Tan – $$$

Invisible Bronzeprirodni-samoopalovaci-krem-invisibble-tan-3.jpg

Based in Australia, I stumbled upon this brand via Instagram. Read the testimonials and was surprised with all the pleasant reviews. I started with the best colour I could get in a short amount of time. {I hate gradual tanners.} So I opted for the “Invisible Tan” lotion. Which promised to give you a bronzed glow in 8hrs. Boy did it deliver! I felt like I came back from traveling abroad. I had co-workers asking me if I went on vacation for the weekend. This is the most natural tanner I have ever used. Its organic –no synthetics and made without all that nasty smelling stuff they put in other tanners. I suggest waiting the full 8 hours. Apply at night before bed, than have a quick rinse in the morning. I would say this tanner last This tanner cost $39.95 and is worth every penny. It absorbs well and is packed with skin loving ingredients. It doesn’t smell, it is a natural tan with green undertones so you will never look orange. One of the best products that fades away instead of blotching. It says you get about 5 tans per bottle, I got about 6-7. You can buy yours here.

 Shiseido – $$

Brilliant Bronze

downloadThis is a fast absorbing tanning gel that I absolutely adore. This usually cost $37+, but my local Winners had them for only $9.99. I remember using it the first night and waking up a beautiful bronze. I got dressed rushed back to Winners and bought the other 4 bottles they had on the shelf. I used it ever 2-3 days. The fading was O.K. But because it’s an alcohol base I felt it did lose more colour when you shower. I highly suggest staying exfoliated and hydrated with this one. It does smell a bit and is a tad bit sticky. All in all still a good deep bronze tan overnight is always a win for me. I looked where you can find and purchase this product it can be found online at,, and

 L’Oreal -$

Sublime Bronze Mousse img_0780-1.jpg

I was reluctant to use this at first because it was a liquid/foam. But I picked it up on clearance for $5 at Shoppers Drug Mart. Regular price range from $17.99-$22.99. I purchased a tanning mit and I didn’t look back. The mit made the application guaranteed even and non-streaky. As you can see where you have applied the product since its dark in colour. It doesn’t really have a scent. Dries quickly and gives you instant satisfaction because it gives you a boost of instant colour. It still needs to process for 8hrs. This definitely doesn’t last as long as the other products, but you still get a nice colour from the product. It’s blotchier as it fades. Keep exfoliated and moisturized with this one.

St.Tropez – $$

In Shower Gradual Tanner


O.K I know I said I hated gradual tanners but this one is an exception because you get to skip a few steps. You literally use this in the shower. Its fool proof really. Go about you usual business in the shower. Turn off your shower and use a generous amount of product and rub all over your body you would a lotion. This is infused with almond oil to leave your skin feeling nourished when done. Stand in the shower for the next 3-5 mins. The longer the better *do not turn the water on during this duration. Rinse and pat dry, repeat this for three days in a row to build your colour. The best thing is there is no smell, no mess, and no fuss. It gives a nice sun kissed glow that last about a week. Keep highly moisturized to keep the bronze glow lasting longer. This product is great if you want something subtle and gradual and achieved within a short time. Costing $35 for three application guaranteed to give you a fool proof sun kissed glow, take my money! This pairs well with any of the above tanning treatments nicely to really give it a good base and boost. Purchase at any Major drugstores with “beautiques” or your nearest Sephora.

Please remember when applying “instant tanners” make sure to *thoroughly wash your hands after. During application you can apply a lotion or Vaseline to your nails and in between your fingers and toes, basically any areas you don’t want the tanner to saturate. Hope this helps my fellow fake ‘n’ bakers. Happy tanning!StockSnap_3CVB7XDC4U.jpg


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